Design4Use provide consultancy services in all areas of User Experience.

User Experience Analysis

The differentiating value a user experience professional brings to a project is the ability to understand and model user behaviour and translate this to optimise customer and business interaction. 

Design4Use has best practice techniques for investigating users and their behaviour - including interviews, observation, surveys, focus groups and cultural probes. This ensures the best possible understanding of users within a given budget.

Deliverables from analysis include definitions of the audience, user personas as archetypes of typical users, targeted scenarios or user journeys for critical slices of functionality and mapping out user interactions in process flows.



User Interface Design

The user interface is where digital vision meet reality. Get it right, and customers find dealing with an organisation online is easy. But poor user interface design results in frustrated, confused customers - who'll immediately go elsewhere. User Experience can help by specifying the user interface and user interactions to developers and other stakeholders.

Specification includes a user interaction model, wireframes to locate and describe all page elements, menu systems to define navigation and full site maps to structure all content across the site.

Design4Use has experience with industry standard wireframing and specification tools and will adapt to fit with client needs.



User Testing

Learn exactly how customers work with the latest offering, by observing and interviewing them scientifically. User testing validates design direction, uncovers issues and confirms detailed design.   

Lightweight prototypes are constructed in early stages of design to test concepts and fully functioning prototypes of partially built systems are used in detailed usability testing.

Design4Use will usability test a system on site, at dedicated premises or remotely depending on client needs.  



Training & Mentoring

Transfer of knowledge is vital to ensure organisations understand and maximise the benefit of user experience.

Design4Use will contract to clients on a cost effective mentoring engagement model and has designed and run dedicated training courses for organisations. We also have extensive experience running undergraduate and post graduate courses on user experience at universities and teaching institutes.