Design4Use principal John Murphy is a regular industry speaker, presenting at conferences and teaching institutions.



Wade Institutue 2018

Master of Entrepreneurship
Guest Speaker

Guest lecturer presenting practical case studies for use of personas in large scale design projects


Swinburne School of Design Panel 2017

Design Ethnography: Designing our digital Futures

Panelist providing industry perspective on Design HCI and Ethnography


University of Melbourne 2007-2018

Usability evaluation lecture

Regular guest lecturer providing case studies to under and post graduate classes

UX Australia 2015

Spreading the love: Industrialisation of common sense in a large organisation

Case study around embedding UX design methods into a large organisation (National Australia Bank).

OZCHI 2015

Panel - Who should control the Internet of Things: People or systems?

Panelist discussing role of user experience in rise of Internet of Things.


UX Australia 2013

Usability and the art of gentle persuasion at Justice

Case study co-presented with program director of the UX approach to developing a large and complex government website.



Intranets 2013

Tackling high complexity with ‘low tech’ User eXperience

Simple user experience techniques specifically for large and complex projects.



UX Australia 2012

UX Sweatshop: Doing and Applying User Research

Full day workshop run with Gerry Gaffney as practical experience of end-to-end user interface and interaction design.



OZCHI 2009

Smart Garden Watering: Experiences of using a garden watering simulation.

User eXperience based design of a garden watering simulation program.  (Awarded Best Paper)



BIT 2009

Identity crisis: User perspectives on multiplicity and control in federated identity management

Special Issue: Social Networks and Learning Environments



OZCHI 2005

The Converged Appliance:
"I love it, but I hate it"

Discussion of convergence and divergence in technology focusing on the relationship between functionality and usability.