Design4Use principal John Murphy regularly speaks at industry conferences and has contributed to national and international User Experience publications.

UX Australia 2015

Spreading the love: Industrialisation of common sense in a large organisation

Case study around embedding UX design methods into a large organisation (National Australia Bank).

OZCHI 2015

Panel - Who should control the Internet of Things: People or systems?

Panelist discussing role of user experience in rise of Internet of Things.


UX Australia 2013

Usability and the art of gentle persuasion at Justice

Case study co-presented with program director of the UX approach to developing a large and complex government website.



Intranets 2013

Tackling high complexity with ‘low tech’ User eXperience

Simple user experience techniques specifically for large and complex projects.



UX Australia 2012

UX Sweatshop: Doing and Applying User Research

Full day workshop run with Gerry Gaffney as practical experience of end-to-end user interface and interaction design.



OZCHI 2009

Smart Garden Watering: Experiences of using a garden watering simulation.

User eXperience based design of a garden watering simulation program.  (Awarded Best Paper)



BIT 2009

Identity crisis: User perspectives on multiplicity and control in federated identity management

Special Issue: Social Networks and Learning Environments



OZCHI 2005

The Converged Appliance:
"I love it, but I hate it"

Discussion of convergence and divergence in technology focusing on the relationship between functionality and usability.